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Business Coaching

The Abundant Concierge℠(TAC) business coach program offers a variety of tools and support to help you to amplify business results, attract high paying clients, and to reach your financial goals.

When you own a concierge, lifestyle, or hospitality industry business, you’re prepared for ups and downs.  Virtually all companies go through highs and lows. It’s when you feel like you’re stuck in a car on a broken rollercoaster that an executive coach can help to get you and your business moving forward again.

When life gets unclear, investing in yourself and your business can be a Quantum Leap. TAC’s business coaching collaborates with you to build your brand and helps to strategize your client offerings. Together we explore the biggest, most common personal and professional obstacles and then guide you in establishing the habits and expertise to rise above these challenges.

We want every CEO we work with to be an industry “RockStar”.

If you’re like most lifestyle business owners, you seek:

  • A fulfilling career where you make a positive impact on others
  • A business that allows you to live out your passions every day
  • The ability to expand to “next level” of service offerings
  • Flexibility, security, the ability to take care of your family

If the above describes you, there’s good news! TAC’s coaching team can help you to shortcut the process of discovering the strategies, tools, and resources to help make your dreams a reality.

CEO Mindset

Through our signature program The Abundant Concierge CEO Mindset℠, you’ll learn proven methods to communicate your company’s true value and to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned CEO we’ll bring expert advice on topics such as:

  • Discover how &where to find your ideal clients
  • Feel confident in your lifestyle service offerings
  • Fall in love with marketing &learn how to use it effectively (with any size budget)
  • Strategize pricing &determine if you’re leaving money you’ve earned behind
  • Revealing secrets about the “behind the scenes” of a concierge’s world
  • How to test the market, how to price,&how to deliver services efficiently
  • Why raising prices can attract more committed clients
  • How to become an expert networker/collaborator
  • What & when to outsource
  • Why a having a CEO Mindset matters, &how to achieve it
  • Much more

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Is The Abundant Concierge℠ Program Right for YOU?

Whether you’re an event planner, wedding planner, senior concierge, housekeeping company, stylist, etc., hiring a Business Coach supports you in taking responsibility for the results in your business, in your personal life, and inyour happiness.

The Abundant Concierge is for you if:

  • You’re committed to your personal &professional growth
  • You know that what you have to offer is filled with value, but you’re not sure how to share your business in a vibrant &successful way
  • You’re seeking business efficiencies, &cutting-edge methodologies
  • You’re willing to do the work it takes to get there

Our Executive Business Coaching program is offered to lifestyle and hospitality professionals who truly want the “next level” of success. Clients who want to experience their dreams and will do the work to create success.

If you’ are recommitted and you’re ready to make an investment in your future and your business, we invite you to contact us and learn more about:

  • Private Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • CEO Retreats & Conferences
  • Online learning (available soon)


Discover the Industry’s Most Dependable Strategies to Build Your Business

Running a business is hard. Some say that you have to be a bit crazy to do it. Especially if you’ve never done it before.  Whether you’re new or you’re ready to jump to the “next level” of success in:

  • Creating offers that clients will buy
  • Creative solutions during CV-19
  • Defining/Refining your niche
  • Advertising /Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Pitch
  • Best practices in service, & hiring
  • Systems &technology
  • Self-confidence
  • Business processes &efficiencies
  • Expanding service offerings
  • Time &life balance
  • Tools to help you stay focused
  • Security & ability to take care of your family the way you’ve always dreamed

Contact Us

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Contact Us If You are:

  • You’re committed to do the work and make the investment to grow personally and professionally.
  • You’reconfident you can create payment for a program to launch you forward.
  • You’re serious about dedicating your time/energy to reaching your lifestyle and business dreams.
  • You’re ready to reap the benefits of a CEO Mindset.

If this is you, we invite you to schedule a free 30 -minute consultation that will leave you inspired about your future.

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Founder, Karen Knight, is a serial entrepreneur and also the owner of Essential Concierge, a successful luxury residential and commercial concierge business located in San Diego, CA. She’s coached entrepreneurs and C-Level executivesin lifestyle and concierge industries, along with startups and nonprofits.

Karen’sbackground is rich in meeting planning, hospitality, destination tourism and marketing. She ran a hotel in northern CA, developed tourism programs and citywide events while Director of Marketing for San Francisco, and again as the Grand Opening Director of Sales for Legoland, CALIFORNIA. Additionally, she brings more than seven years of building industry experience to her knowledge base.

The team at The Abundance Concierge includes a tribe of professional independent and hotel conciergesand lifestyle professionals, all highly skilled in teaching, coaching and collaborating. You name it, this team has done it!  They are experienced and are committed to your success.

Karen participates on an advisory council at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA for the Experience Industry Management major. Everyone on the TAC team is committed to corporate social responsibility and we give back to our communities on a regular basis.



According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of new businesses make it to or beyond15 years. The BLS documents: 20 % of all new businesses fail during the first two years 45 % of businesses fail during the first five years 65% of businesses close during the first 10 years   At The Abundant Concierge℠, we suggest that in the lifestyle consultant industry the number of failed businesses is higher than these statistics. And many of the businesses that do survive, never make it past the stage of being a hobby business versus a company that provides asustainablelivable income, much less a company over six-figures annually.  Four Steps to Keep Your Concierge Businesses from Failing 1. Investigate the Market Before Launching You’ve always wanted to open a concierge or lifestyle consultant business. And you finally have the means to do so, but your desire to open is naïve to the fact that the sector you want to work in is already saturated, and elusive, thus making it very difficult for a newcomer to break in. This mistake can result in business failure from the start. Whether you’re a concierge or lifestyle service consultant, it’s essential to research and find an unmet needin the market before attempting to fill it. When you try and push your service as one more choice, you’ve failed to become a top reason for the choice. Before you start, knowing how you differentiateyour service offerings, makes it a lot easier to find and keep customers, instead […]